What Is Scrip?

Scrip is “substitute money”, essentially gift cards that are used just like cash. Scrip can be used to purchase everyday products such as food, clothing and other essentials, and with every purchase you are earning revenue for Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish.

How does Scrip work?

Take a look at the money you are spending when you’re out shopping for groceries, gas, clothes, school supplies,  home improvement projects, etc. Once you know where you’re going to shop, stop by the church to purchase Scrip in the necessary amounts to all of the places you plan to shop. This is money you are already planning to spend,  but when you purchase Scrip, a portion of that money goes back to support the Church at no extra cost to yourself.

Find out more:

Ask your Scrip Coordinator listed below for the latest participating retailer list. Scrip is available for the majority of your everyday shopping locations! Put your shopping dollars to work and earn money for the Church just through your normal shopping routines!


Hilde Townsend