September 10th 2017

Sep 10, 2017

By definition ‘COMMUNITY’ is a group of

people living in the same place or having a

particular characteristic in common. To belong

to a particular community is a personal

decision to make. Immaculate Heart of

Mary is our community where we share

common interest and share the same religious

belief. For most of us, our community

is a place where we experience friendship

and love like a true family.

However, we must bear in mind that there

is no perfect community. IHM, like any

community everywhere, is composed of

people with diverse cultural background

and orientation. While we strive to be united

at all times we can’t help but deal with

some misunderstandings because people

have different opinions on certain issues.

But at the end of the day we must all realize

that the community by and large is

more important than our personal interest.

Jesus is aware that the religion he organized

is a community of people who may

come up with different views on certain issues

and misunderstanding can crop up.

Hence, in our Gospel reading he offers a

practical solution on how to resolve conflict

among the members of the community. Jesus

said to his disciples: “If your brother

sins against you go and tell him his

fault between you and him alone. If

he listens, you have won over your

brother. If he does not listen, take one

or two others along with you, so that

every fact may be established on the

testimony of two or three witnesses.”

This is what we call FRATERNAL CORRECTION.

Genuine love for the neighbor

implies willingness to correct him, if necessary,

and to accept correction as well. We

must also understand that fraternal correction

given with due respect and inspired by

love is a favor for which we should be

grateful, even if it hurts our pride.



  • Ann ConnellyPosted on 9/21/17

    This is beautiful and so true. Speak the truth in love has not been easy for me but it is a lesson Jesus is helping me with. Thank you Father Ed.