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Sunday October 6th 2019

First Reading (Hab 1:2-3; 2:2-4) The prophet Habakkuk complains to God about the injustice that was prevalent during his time. One can hear despair as the prophet prayed. He said "I cry out to you, 'Violence' but you do not intervene".

God responds by promising to save those who trust in him. God will intervene when God thinks it is the right time. At times we find ourselves in very challenging situations, and what we say is very similar to that of the prophet. God's reply is always the same - continue to be patient, keep trusting in him, do not abandon the ways of God, continue to be faithful in spite of all odds, even if he seemed to be slow in reacting.

Second Reading (2 Tim 1 :6-8, 13-14). St. Paul in the second reading urges us to accept cheerfully our share of suffering for the Gospel. It is not easy to be a loyal follower of Christ. We who are trying to follow the ways of Christ must heed the words of Paul that we should stir into flame the gift of faith that is within us which we received when wee were  baptized. We must never be ashamed of the gift of faith that we posses and profess, It is only through the cross we are saved. No cross no crown.

Gospel (Luke 17:5-10) Faith is the theme linking all the three readings together. In the gospel we hear Jesus telling us that faith is the power that works miracles. Faith, as we all know, is God's gift. It entails a concrete option to follow Christ, and as such it can grow or diminish, depending on our relationship with the giver. Faith is a gracious gift from God. It can neither be earned nor bought, we only respond to it with works of love and service. As a result of faith we are capable of achieving what looks impossible to human eyes. Through faith we are able to find solutions for situations that appear totally out of control. Faith enables us to trust God, helps us to understand life, foster happiness, peace and joy. A strong faith can make us loving, wise, and confident that God will protect us from all harm.

God Bless,

Father Ignatius Dibeashi


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