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Sunday September 15th 2019

Twenty-Fourth Sunday Of Ordinary Time: The three readings today converge on same theme; "God's Love and Mercy". In the first reading we read how it was that despite God's marvelous work in saving the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians, they still went astray. They strayed from the path God marked out for them, they created and worshiped a molten calf. God forgave them due to Moses intercession on their behalf. His forgiveness is gratuitous, freely given without any condition because of love. Paul in the second reading acknowledged how sinful and ignorant he was, but in his conversion he experienced

god's merciful love. The Pharisees in the gospel were not happy seeing Jesus mixing with sinners. Christ justified his actions by using several parables: the lost sheep, the lost son and the lost coin to illustrate God's love and mercy towards sinners.

 In various ways we have wandered away from the path God had laid down for us. It is like being lost. To be lost is to be in sin, to miss the mark set by God, it is to be away from the Father's mansion, depriving ourselves God's goodness. Somehow we have found ourselves going back, being found by Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd. It is as a result of God's love and mercy. He shows us mercy when we stray from following him. In fact, we are called to repentance and to God's mercy when we sin. And if we should sin again and again, there is someone there searching for us to come back home, because we belong to him and are precious to him, that person is Christ.

As Christians who have experienced God's forgiveness, love and mercy, we are to show active concern for those who are lost. There are many who are lost today, they are lost spiritually, morally and otherwise. It is our duty to show interest in them to make them feel worthwhile. And if they repent, they are to be welcome with joy. Again, the question is, are we as forgiving toward others as God is towards us?

God Bless,

Father Ignatius Dibeashi


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