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Sunday September 22nd 2019

First Reading ( Amos 8: 4-7). The prophet Amos preached against the injustice and exploitation's going on during his time. He was a great champion of social justice. In the 8th century B.C. Israel enjoyed material prosperity, but idolatry and injustice were the order of the day. He spoke against these vices fearlessly, against those who were out to increase their wealth at the expense of the poor. He told them that God despises injustice and dishonesty; exploitation and mistreatment of the poor. Amos words are very much relevant to us today. Many businesses people are growing wealthy today on the back of the poor just as it was when Amos prophesied. The world has changed considerably since then, but in many ways human nature seems to remain the same.

Second Reading (1 Tim 2: 1-8). Paul encourages Christians to pray for everyone particularly for those in authority for their conversion, because God wants everybody to be saved. Praying is one of the basic duties of a Christian. Jesus prayed frequently to the Father and told his disciples to pray always. To pray is a very essential part of Christian living. So, we are to pray fervently that all will come to know the true God.

Gospel (Luke 16: 1-13). ( The longer form) This is all about the parable of the dishonest steward. From the gospel we notice that Jesus did not praise the steward for being dishonest, but for having foresight. The steward was clever and wasted no time in planning for a secured future for himself. One of the lessons we learn from the gospel is that the disciples of Christ are to be clever planning for a secure future for themselves not just for the few years non earth, for for eternal life. Many things distracts us on daily basis. Jesus is urging us to pay attention to our actions and motives so as not to lose sight of eternal life. Thus our blessings are to help us get closer to God, they are not to make us a God on earth. Instead our material goods should be used for the good of others, they will testify in our favor and will obtain for us the praise of God. "Use money, tainted as it is to win you friends, and thus make sure that when it fails you, they will welcome you into eternal dwellings".


God Bless,

Father Ignatius Dibeashi


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