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Sunday September 29th 2019

First reading (Amos 6:1, 4-7) the prophet Amos spoke against the wealthy of this time. Their crime was they could not care less of the plight of the poor he condemned the rich who were only seeking their own comfort, Moreover, they use their social standing to lead a lazy and merry life. They continued their way of life until finally the wrath of god caught with them. They lost their freedom, luxuries and homeland forever. Is there not a lesson for our time in the warnings of the prophet Amos?

Second reading (1 Tim 6:1, 4-7) in this reading Paul exhorts Timothy to strive for perfection in his observance of the Christian faith. In Fact, the reading is addressed to all of us for through baptism we have been made sons and daughters of God. We are destined for heaven. We are all in our various ways preachers of the gospel message to others. We are all called to be witnesses to our fellow human beings of the faiths that is ours. AS Christians we are challenged to practice the virtues of faith, hope and charity, but specially charity, which is the queen of virtues.

Gospel (Luke 16: 19-31) this is all about Jesus famous parable of the rich man and Lazarus. It has left the scriptures scholars wandering why should the rich man go to hell for he has done nothing wrong in the sense that is was Lazarus choice to be poor while the rich man ,made his wealth through honest means. We often think that we sin only by words, deeds and thoughts. There is the sin of omission and we forget always. When we shy away from carrying out our responsibilities towards the needy, we commit the sin of omission. The parable reminds us that the sin of omission can land someone in hell. This is what happened to the rich man. Some of us might think that the parable is not addressed to them. They may not be rich materially; they still have something they can share with someone in need. There are many people out there we meet on daily basis begging not necessarily for bread or money; it could be for love, a bit of recognition, forgiveness or companionship. It is absolutely necessary to start sharing now. We are blessed in different and various ways. Let us open the doors of our hearts, and see. Take a look around; probably there may be a Lazarus around you begging to be taken notice.

 God Bless,

Father Ignatius Dibeashi


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