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Sunday September 8th 2019

It Is Not An Easy Road: In the gospel of today Jesus made clear the cost and the price of being a follower of his. He set down three very hard conditions and demands. And this would be - his disciples must be ready to give up hate, must be ready to break away from family, worldly possessions and give up one's life in love. As disciples of Christ, we should be prepared to wage an uncompromising war to see that no body or thing should stand on our way to make us not to realize the joy and peace Jesus isĀ offering us.

As we all know, possessions constitute an obstacle in many peoples bid to being followers of Christ, and that is why at the end of the gospel he said: "anyone of you who does not renounce all his possessions cannot be my disciple."

It is sometimes painful to be a disciple, but it is also painful not to be one. Jesus is saying that on the list of goals and priorities in life, attaining the kingdom of God must come first and then everything else will follow. He did not want to deceive anybody about the difficulty of being his disciple, therefore the gospel of today shows us how absolute and how radical are the demands of discipleship. This task of following Jesus and putting him above everything else in our lives is an on-going process. So, this is an invitation for us to have recourse to God, without Him we can do nothing. But how grateful are we for our discipleship? How generously do we live it?

God Bless,

Father Ignatius Dibeashi


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