“The Eucharist is the sacrificial memorial of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection by which we have been redeemed.”

A diocesan initiative continues Sunday, Sept. 19, when parishes are to share the second of three pre-recorded homilies meant to deepen and renew our understanding of the Eucharist and encourage attendance at Mass. This week’s theme is “The Eucharist is the sacrificial memorial of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection by which we have been redeemed.” On the fourth Sunday, Oct. 3, the pastor at each parish is to continue this focus in his homily. The video of the first week’s homily is available online in English, Spanish and Vietnamese on the webpage sdcatholic.org/eucharist. Please help us to share it, especially with those who have not returned to Mass.

For more information please click on the link below:

Link for Homily Week of September 11th & 12th

Homily September 11 & 12

Link for Homily in Spanish September 11th & 12th

Spanish Homily September 11th & 12th

Link for Homily Week of September 18th & 19th

Homily September 18th & 19th

Link for Homily in Spanish September 18th & 19th

Link for Homily in Spanish 18th & 19th

Link for Homily Week of September 25th & 26th

Link for Homily September 25th & 26th

Link for Homily in Spanish September 25th & 26th

Link for Homily in Spanish September 25th & 26th




New COVID Guidelines /Directrices diocesanas actualizadas de Covid

June 18, 2021

Dear Immaculate Heart of Mary Family,

On June 15th, the California Department of Public Health provided updated guidance pertaining to State and County regulations relaxation of COVID restrictions.  Questions have been asked regarding the policies that we will be following.  

In response to the latest news, the bishops met and consulted with the Executive Board of the Presbyterial Council and the Board of Deans to further discuss the lifting of restrictions in the Diocese of San Diego.  In a letter to all priests, Bishop McElroy provided the following updates:

  • All the restrictions on capacity and spacing for worship and all limitations on meetings and social activities are lifted as of June 17, 2021.
  • Masks will be optional, recognizing that the CDC recommends the practice of wearing masks for those who have not yet been vaccinated.
  • Distribution of the Eucharist will resume on the tongue and will continue in the hand. 
  • The reintroduction of the shared cup will be determined sometime in the future.
  • Alterations in liturgical spaces and practices necessitated by the pandemic can now cease at the discretion of the pastor. 
  • The collection and the Offertory procession have been reinstated.
  • It is recommended that non-family members bringing Eucharist to the sick should be vaccinated.
  • The dispensation from the normal obligation to attend Sunday Mass will end on July 1st.

On behalf of the entire parish staff, I want to express my appreciation to all of you who supported us over the last 18 months. Like you, I am looking forward to a bright summer and to resuming the many activities in our Parish, it will take some time, but I know, with the community's help, that we can get back to normal.

Father Ignatius

Mass Time & Office Hours / Horario de Misas y Oficina

Mass Times/ Horario de Misas:

Daily Mass/Misa Diaria                                   

Monday - Friday           8:00 AM

1st Saturday                  8:00 AM

Holy Day/Holidays       8:00 AM (unless otherwise noted)

Weekend Masses / Misas de fin de Semana

Saturday / Sabados     5:00 PM (ENGLISH)

Sunday / Domingos     8:00 AM (ENGLISH)

                                    10:30 AM (Spanish/ Español)


Office Hours / Horas de Oficina:

Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 12 pm & 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Friday 8:00 am to 11:30 am

Closed on Weekends and Holidays 

Welcome / Bienvenidos

Welcome to Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Ramona, CA

Faith should touch every corner of our lives. We know it can be intimidating to walk through those doors, but we've been expecting you.  Welcome home!

Bienvenidos a la Iglesia Católica del Inmaculado Corazón de María en Ramona, CA

La fé debe tocar cada rincón de nuestras vidas. Sabemos que puede ser algo intimidante entrar por estas puertas, pero te estábamos esperando. ¡Bienvenido a casa!

Staff / Equipo de trabajo

2021 - 2022 Faith Formation

2021-2022 Faith Formation and Sacremental prep registration in now closed.

Congrations on your generous and loving decision to provide your child(ren) with Faith Formation and to prepart your children to recieve their sacrements.  It is our Great honor for our faith formation team to be entrusted with assisting in Faith Formation of your child(ren). Here is the upcoming schedule

Faith Formation begins Thursday October 7th 6 pm to 7:20 pm

All Sacramental prep students and parents are required to take in-person classes on Sunday's 9am to 10:20am and must attend English or Spanish Mass.

Sacramental Prep (First Communion) begins Sunday October 10th   at 9am to 10:20 am

Confirmation begins Sunday October 3rd and parent class begins October 10th at 9am to 10:20 am


If you still need to pay here is the information on Fees and the link to pay for tuition

Base Fees: 

One child - $100   Two children - $180  Three or more children $240

There is an additional $50.00 per child for those children preparing for FIRST COMMUNION.

Fees are due on the day of registration. All tuition is paid electronically by clicking this link

IHM Ramona Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Payment


Thank you for your dedication to your child's faith formation! God bless.

Veronica Brewster

Religious Education Coordinator


Coming Soon -Youth Ministry




2021 Annual Catholic Appeal Campaign

IHM 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal Campaign

Thank you for considering a donation to the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal  - We are the Church, Together!  By making your gift online, you will avoid postage costs and writing checks, and enjoy the convenience of making online payments from your credit card or bank  account  You can also pick up an envelope at the parish office.

We are the Church, together, when each of us answers the call of Jesus to do good works and share our faith with a gift to the 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal. 

Campaña Anual de IHM 2021

Gracias por considerar una donación al Llamado Católico Anual 2021 - ¡Somos la Iglesia, juntos!  Al hacer su donativo en línea, evitará los gastos de envío y la emisión de cheques, y disfrutará de la comodidad de hacer los pagos en línea desde su tarjeta de crédito o cuenta bancaria. También puede recoger un sobre en la oficina parroquial.

Somos la Iglesia, juntos, cuando cada uno de nosotros responde a la llamada de Jesús para hacer buenas obras y compartir nuestra fé con un donativo al Llamamiento Católico Anual 2021. 

Click here to Donate Now to ACA 2021

Publications / Boletines

  • Sun, Oct 24th

  • Sun, Oct 17th


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Resource for Catholic media:

videos, audio books, bible study and more.

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Eucharistic Adoration / Adoración Eucaristica

Eucharistic Adoration / Adoración Eucaristica

July 2nd after 8 am Mass to 8pm.

 2 de Julio después de la Misa de 8 am hasta las 8pm.



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